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Fit In by Fitting Out aka The Key to Happiness

We all know the term “fitting in” because, we’ve all tried to do it! Heck, we’re both probably doing it right now! I don’t have enough fingers, toes or hairs on my head to count the times I’ve broken my own heart trying to “fit in”.

Well, I’m done with it! If you need me I’ll be over here fitting OUT!

Fitting OUT… has she gone completely bananas?

No, no, no… well maybe. Just hear read me out!

Fitting out doesn’t have to mean being totally different from other people. I find that I personally have a hard time embracing something that is “in” or “cool”. Even when I fully agree with what it is and have the craving to do it myself, I don’t! I am embarrassed to be “one of those people”… When often those people are the stinkin’ cool people fitting-IN!

To me, fitting out means to “find what is in your heart and embrace your authentic self” or simply put, be yourself.

This idea is so incredibly important, maybe even the basis, to our overall health. If we are not comfortable with ourselves how can we be truly happy?

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been doing this whole “be yourself” thing for a solid year now and it’s freaking hard. However, the outcome has made me a better mother, a better friend and a better partner/spouse. I’ve relieved a ton of my depression and anxiety symptoms, making me genuinely happy and even cleared my severe cystic acne!

How did I finally embrace fitting out?

  • I took a step back and really looked at who I was and who I truly wanted to be.
  • I surrounded myself with like-minded people.
  • I let others know “Hey! This is me!”.
  • I let myself know “Hey! This is me!”.
  • Then, I topped it all off with a whole lotta self love.

But, it doesn’t just stop there! I practice fitting out every single day. For example, I went back to school this month, I started a new business and I even started this blog where I am writing my feelings out and sharing it with the public!

…and you want to know the best part? People (eventually) aren’t going to think you’re crazy. In fact, they’re going to flock to you! Because humans are attracted to happy, genuine people!

“If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important – and you do that by being genuine and humble.”

-Nelson Mandala

Plus, even if they do think you’re a little coo-coo you’ll be to busy being your happy, vibrant self to give a damn!


What does “fitting out” mean to you? Or if you’re already doing it give the rest of us some tips in the comments below!

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